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What is
Get more out of your Sonos by scrobbling to You cannot stream music to Sonos from Last.FM, but you can turn on “Scrobbling” to build your profile and get music recommendations that you’ll love. The more you listen, the more specific recommendations you’ll get. Explore artist bios, tags, upcoming events and more at

Where is available?
Scrobbling is available worldwide, except in China.

Can I play music from my Last.FM account to Sonos
No, only the scrobbling feature from Last.FM is available on Sonos.

What is Scrobbling?
Scrobbling is a system that tracks your listening habits and uploads them to your account. Every time you play a track it is added, or scrobbled, to your account. This allows users to share their musical tastes, make and receive recommendations from other users, and create custom radio stations.

How do I add to Sonos?
See our article on adding music services to Sonos to learn how.

How does Scrobbling work on Sonos?
Sonos scrobbles all tracks played in all rooms from any of the following sources:

  • Local Music Library
  • Napster
  • Pandora
  • Spotify (Account needs to be linked here.)
  • Deezer
  • SoundCloud
  • Mixcloud
  • Hype Machine
  • Bandcamp

When does Sonos Scrobble?
In order to be scrobbled, a track must play for 240 seconds or halfway through, whichever comes first. It must also have a track length of 30 seconds or more. Once these conditions have been met, the track is scrobbled when playback completes or the track is changed by the user.

What if someone in my household plays music I don't like, can I remove tracks that I've scrobbled?
Yes. You can remove scrobbled tracks from your Library using the website.

Where can I sign up for a account?
If you're new to, sign up for an account by clicking here.

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