Automatic Trueplay™

This article covers how automatic Trueplay™ works and how to enable or disable it on supported Sonos products.

Auto Trueplay availability

Auto Trueplay is available on the following portable Sonos products:

  • Move
  • Move 2
  • Roam1
  • Roam 2

Automatic tuning

Your portable Sonos product can automatically adjust its sound for your environment with auto Trueplay. Auto Trueplay is available on your portable Sonos product in both WiFi mode and Bluetooth mode².

Auto Trueplay starts tuning as soon as you begin playing audio. It automatically re-tunes as you play new content and bring your Sonos product to different locations. You may notice a change in sound when the adjustment takes place.

Enable or disable auto Trueplay

  1. Open the Sonos app for iOS or Android.
  2. Go to the Settings menu.
  3. Under My System, select your portable Sonos product.
  4. Under Sound, select Trueplay, then toggle Auto Trueplay tuning on or off.

Additional details

  • The microphone on your portable Sonos product must be enabled for auto Trueplay to work. The data collected from the microphone is used locally and never uploaded to the web.
  • Auto Trueplay works with a single portable Sonos product or with two portable Sonos products in a stereo pair. When stereo paired, the microphones on both portable products must be enabled in order for auto Trueplay to function.

1Auto Trueplay is not available on a Roam SL

2If you’ve added the Google Assistant to Move, auto Trueplay will be disabled when Move is in Bluetooth mode.

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