Listen to Dolby Atmos Music on Sonos

Some streaming music services offer Dolby Atmos Music content that can be played on your Sonos system. If you’re subscribed to a supported music service, you can use the Sonos app to play Dolby Atmos Music to any Sonos product that supports spatial audio.

To play Dolby Atmos Music, your Sonos product needs to be connected to your WiFi network and the supported music service must be added to your Sonos system.

When playing Dolby Atmos Music from a music service, the Sonos app will show a Dolby Atmos badge on the Now Playing screen.

Music services that offer Dolby Atmos Music on Sonos

Sonos products that support spatial audio

  • Arc
  • Arc SL
  • Beam (Gen 2)
  • Era 300

Disable or enable Dolby Atmos Music playback

You can toggle Dolby Atmos Music playback on or off by changing the Spatial Music setting in your Sonos app. This setting is enabled by default.

  1. In the Sonos app for iOS or Android, go to the Settings menu.
  2. Under My System, choose your Atmos-supported product from the list.
  3. Scroll down to the Sound section and toggle the Spatial Music setting.

This setting will take effect when the next track begins playing.

Additional details

  • When playing Dolby Atmos Music, grouping a non-Atmos supported product will switch the group’s audio playback to stereo. When the non-Atmos supported product is removed from the group, the audio will switch back to Dolby Atmos Music when the next Atmos track begins playing.

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