Add your music library to Sonos

Sonos can stream your music library from a computer or network attached storage (NAS) drive on your local network. This article will help you share your music folder on the network so Sonos can access it, then show you how to add your shared music folder to Sonos using the Sonos app.

If you have already added your music library but have downloaded or removed music, created new playlists, or adjusted metadata, see our article on updating your Sonos music library.

Share your music folder on the network

In order for Sonos to access your music library, the files must first be shared on your local network with appropriate permissions. Visit one of our articles below for instructions on how to share a music folder on a NAS drive or a computer running macOS or Windows.

After sharing your music folder on the network, you’ll have a network path that you can provide to Sonos using the Sonos app. As an example, if a computer’s hostname is “MyComputer” and its shared folder’s name is “Music Folder,” the network path would look like this:

\\MyComputer\Music Folder

Add your music library in the Sonos app

After sharing your music folder, you can add your library to your Sonos system using the Sonos app for macOS or Windows.

Sonos app for macOS or Windows

  1. From the Manage menu, select Music Library Settings.
  2. Under the section for “My music folders on Sonos,” select + (plus) on macOS, or Add if you are using Windows.
  3. Select Networked device (ex. NAS drive).
  4. Type the network path for your shared music folder and select Next.
  5. Enter the username and password for the account used to share the music folder.

If the folder was successfully shared with Sonos, the app will show a screen that says the share is now set up on your Sonos system. Once your Sonos system has indexed your music library, you can access and play your music library tracks using any Sonos app.

If you see an error message after trying to add your music share, contact Sonos Support and we can provide assistance with the sharing process.

Still need help?

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