Control Sonos with the Google Assistant

This article explains how to control your Sonos system using the Google Assistant. See our article on setting up the Google Assistant on Sonos if you have not set it up already.

Basic commands

The Google Assistant on Sonos allows you to use basic playback commands like play, pause, skip, and volume up/down. See Google’s article on basic media commands for more information on using the Google Assistant with Sonos. Below you’ll find some tips and specific commands for controlling Sonos:

  • When you ask your Google Assistant to play music, it will begin playing from your default music service, unless you specify a different music service in your command.

  • You can select a default speaker so content always plays in a specific room without saying the room name.

  • If you have multiple people using the Google Assistant on Sonos, you can set up Voice Match to provide user-specific responses and content based on who is speaking.

  • For stereo pairs of voice-enabled speakers, only a single speaker will enable its microphone and respond to commands.

TV commands

You can use the Google Assistant to turn your TV on and off. To do this, you will need a Sonos home theater product connected to your TV via HDMI-ARC. Then use commands like “Hey Google, turn the TV on.”

For Sonos home theater systems with voice-enabled surrounds and a voice-enabled primary home theater speaker like Beam or Arc, the microphones will be disabled on the surround speakers and Google Assistant will respond from the primary home theater speaker. If the primary home theater speaker is not voice-enabled, only one of the surround speakers will enable its microphone and respond to commands.

Still need help?

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