Move appears as “Offline” in the Sonos S1 Controller app

This article will help you bring a Sonos Move back online if it appears as “Offline” in the Sonos S1 Controller app. If your Move is missing entirely from the Sonos app, see our Products missing from the Sonos S1 Controller app article for helpful tips to bring it back online.

Reconnecting Move

Move will appear as “Offline” in the Sonos S1 app when it is in Bluetooth mode, turned off or asleep, or out of range of the Wi-Fi network.

Make sure Move is powered on, charged, and in Wi-Fi mode by checking the top LED. A blue LED indicates your Move is in Bluetooth mode. To switch Move to Wi-Fi mode, press the mode button once. For more information, see our article on using Move with Bluetooth. You may need to bring Move closer to your router in order to keep it in range of your Wi-Fi network.

After changing routers or Wi-Fi settings

When reconnecting Sonos after changing your router or Wi-Fi settings, your Move can appear offline if it did not receive the new Wi-Fi password. You can provide the new password by going to the  Settings tab in the Sonos app for iOS or Android and tapping Use Move on the new network.

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