TV remote not detected by Sonos

This article will help resolve issues with an infrared (IR) TV remote that is not being detected by a Sonos home theater product either during initial setup or after a remote has already been set up with Sonos. IR remotes are used to control home theater products connected via optical, such as the Ray, Playbar, or a product using the optical audio adapter.

If you’re setting up a new TV remote with your Sonos home theater product, make sure to configure the remote in the Sonos app after following each of the steps below.

Check for objects blocking the IR sensor

Make sure there is nothing blocking your home theater product’s IR sensor and that it has a clear line of sight to your remote from your normal viewing position. See our article on IR sensors to see where your product’s sensor is located.

Move closer to the home theater product

IR remotes have an average range of 15-20 feet (4.5-6 meters). Make sure you’re within this range when using your TV remote with Sonos.

Replace remote control batteries

If the batteries are weak, the IR signal may not be strong enough for the home theater product to recognize it. Put a fresh set of batteries in your TV remote to make sure the remote is powered on.

Eliminate direct sources of light

Direct sunlight, or other strong sources of fluorescent light can interfere with IR signals. Eliminate any direct sources of sunlight or fluorescent light to avoid this interference.

Separate Sonos and your plasma TV

Some plasma TVs may interfere with the IR signal. Try turning off your TV temporarily and see if you can successfully set up your remote. If so, separate the TV and the Sonos home theater speaker as much as possible to avoid this interference.

Reduce IR interference

Turn off any other device that uses IR such as a remote control toy or IR repeaters/extenders. Test to see if the remote works with these devices turned off. If so, move these devices as far away from the home theater product as possible.

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