Bluetooth audio stops or skips

This article provides common fixes for audio interruptions while playing music to a Sonos product via Bluetooth. These steps apply to Bluetooth-enabled Sonos speakers, portable speakers, and headphones.

If you’re having trouble pairing your Sonos product to a Bluetooth device, see our article on problems while connecting Sonos via Bluetooth.

1. Bring your Bluetooth device closer to your Sonos product

Connection strength over Bluetooth is affected by the distance between devices. Make sure your Bluetooth device and your Sonos product are within 30 feet of each other (this number varies based on environmental factors) to ensure a strong connection.

2. Check the data connection on your mobile device

Ensure that your mobile device has an adequate WiFi or cellular data connection if you’re using a streaming service as your music source. You can test your connection by turning your device’s Bluetooth off to disconnect from your Sonos product and then playing your music source. If it plays without issue, your connection is okay.

3. Reduce wireless interference

Relocate your Bluetooth device and your Sonos product if they are near any devices or materials that can interfere with Bluetooth signals such as microwaves, cordless phones, metal, and concrete. You can learn more about devices and materials that can interfere with wireless signals in our reducing wireless interference article.

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