Sonos Ace button controls

This article goes over the location and functionality of Sonos Ace’s button controls.


Power / Bluetooth

This button is used to power your Sonos Ace on or off as well as put it into Bluetooth pairing mode.

  • Long press - Power Sonos Ace on or off. Release the button when the status light turns on or off, or when you hear the headphones play a power on / power off tone.
  • Press and continue holding - Put Sonos Ace into Bluetooth pairing mode. Release the button when the status light begins flashing blue. If already powered on, Sonos Ace will first power off and then power on again before entering pairing mode.
  • Press and hold for 10 seconds - Perform a forced reboot.


Content Key

The Content Key is used to adjust volume, skip songs, and answer phone calls.

If you’ve set up TV Audio Swap with your Sonos Ace, you can also use the Content Key to quickly swap TV audio to your headphones.

Audio controls

  • Slide up or down - Adjust the volume.
  • Press once - Play or pause.
  • Press twice - Skip the current song.
  • Press three times - Play the previous song.

Phone controls1

  • Press once - Answer or end your current call.
  • Long press - Decline an incoming call.

TV Audio Swap

  • Long press - Swap audio from your home theater speaker to your Sonos Ace, or swap back.

1On iOS, you can adjust your iPhone’s settings to route all calls to a Bluetooth device. This means that when you answer a phone call using your phone instead of the Content Key, the call will still go to your Sonos Ace. Learn more in Apple’s guide on routing and answering calls on iPhone.


Noise Control / Voice Assistant

This button is used to switch Noise Control modes as well as trigger your Bluetooth device’s voice assistant, if available.

  • Press - Cycle through your selected Noise Control modes. By default, this will go back and forth between Aware Mode and Noise Canceling.
  • Press and hold - Activate your Bluetooth device’s voice assistant, if available.

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