Understanding the Network Details section in the Sonos app

In the Sonos app, you can see detailed networking information for each product connected to your router’s WiFi network. Note that these details will not appear for Sonos products in a wired setup, products being used as home theater surround speakers or subwoofers, or a Sonos Move when in Bluetooth mode.

  1. Go to the Settings menu and select the name of one of your rooms.
  2. Select the name of one of the products within that room.
  3. Under the Status section, select Network to see the network details for that product.

At the top of the Network Details screen, you’ll see the name of the connected WiFi network as well as a signal strength indicator of Excellent, Good, or Weak.

The app also lists the following details about your product’s network connection:




The name of the WiFi network that your product is connected to.


The router’s current WiFi frequency of operation. This will start with “24” if your product is connected to a 2.4GHz network or “5” if it’s connected to a 5GHz network.


The router’s current wireless channel.


The Basic Service Set Identifier. This refers to the MAC address of the connected router or access point.


The Signal to Noise Ratio. This is a measure of the quality of the signal strength between the product and router and is expressed in decibels. A higher value represents a stronger signal. As a general guideline, a SNR of 45 dB and above is considered excellent, while a SNR of 25 dB or below is considered weak.

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