Charging your Sonos Ace

This article provides information on how to charge your Sonos Ace with a USB-C cable (included).

Charge Sonos Ace using USB-C

To charge Sonos Ace, connect it to a power source using a USB-C PD cable (included). Sonos Ace’s USB-C port is located on the left ear cup next to the Power / Bluetooth button.

When charging, Sonos Ace will display an orange status light. When fully charged, the status light will show solid green.

Sonos Ace may take up to 3 hours to charge from 0% to 100%.

Fast charging

You can quickly charge Sonos Ace when the battery level is below 10% by using a USB-C PD charger and cable. Charging Sonos Ace for 3 minutes will provide 3 hours of listening time.

The USB-C cable included with Sonos Ace supports fast charging.

Checking Sonos Ace’s battery level

While Sonos Ace is connected to a device via Bluetooth, the battery level can appear in multiple places. Check your device’s Bluetooth settings, or look for a displayed battery level in the status bar or battery widget.

You can also find the current battery level in the Sonos App. When Sonos Ace is connected to an iOS or Android device, the battery level is displayed on the Sonos Ace info screen. You can also find the battery level by going to the Settings menu and selecting your Sonos Ace under the Headphones section.

Battery life

Sonos Ace’s battery can provide 30 hours of listening or 24 hours of call time while Aware Mode / Noise Canceling is active.

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