Music service audio stops or skips

This article provides common fixes for audio interruptions while playing from a music service on Sonos. If you are listening to a different source, see our other audio troubleshooting articles for more help.

Quick fixes

The following steps will resolve most audio interruptions while playing from a music service. If these steps don’t solve your issue, see the advanced fixes section below.

Check account streaming limits

Some music service accounts only allow one stream to play at a time. If you’re only hearing audio interruptions on one music service with Sonos, check that your music service account is not being used on another device, like a smartphone or computer.

Check internet speed

Streaming from music services utilizes your internet connection to download the music. We recommend download speeds of at least 5 Mbps for streaming music to Sonos. Run a speed test from a device connected to your WiFi to check your internet speed. If your internet speed does not meet these requirements, contact your Internet Service Provider for more assistance.

Restart the router

Remove the power cable from your router for 30 seconds before reinserting the cable to power it back on.

Remove your Bridge

If you have a Sonos Bridge, removing it from your system can improve overall performance. Follow the steps in our article on removing a Sonos Bridge.

Advanced fixes

If the above steps don’t resolve the issue or the issue returns after a period of time, your home network may require attention. The following steps are long-term solutions for audio interruptions while playing from a music service.

Reduce wireless interference

Wireless interference can contribute to issues like audio stopping and skipping on Sonos.

You can visit our article on reducing wireless interference to learn how to change wireless channels and move Sonos away from certain electronic devices in order to avoid interference.

Relocate your Sonos products

Audio stops or skips can occur if a Sonos product has a weak wireless connection to your router or the nearest wired Sonos product.

If you are in a wireless setup, move any affected Sonos products closer to the router. If you are in a wired setup, move them closer to the nearest Sonos product that is wired to your router.

Remove unsupported network devices

Check our system requirements and incompatible hardware articles to see if you have any unsupported or incompatible network devices like WiFi extenders, mobile hotspots, or LTE routers. If you do, you can power them off to remove them from your network, replace them with a supported device, or follow the steps for your specific device if it has an available solution on our incompatible hardware article.

Replace the Ethernet cable

If your Sonos system is in a wired setup, replace the Ethernet cable connecting your wired product to your router.

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