Check if Sonos is in a wireless or wired setup

Your Sonos products can be configured in either a wireless or wired setup. This article shows you how to check if your Sonos products are connecting via WiFi (wireless setup) or SonosNet (wired setup).

Sonos app for iOS or Android

  1. Go to the Settings menu.
  2. Select the Manage button next to My System.
  3. Select About My System.

Sonos S1 Controller app

iOS or Android

  1. From the Settings tab, select System.
  2. Under System Settings, select About My System.

macOS or Windows

  1. In macOS, select Sonos S1 Controller in the menu bar. In Windows, select Help at the top of the window.
  2. Choose About My Sonos System.

Check your product’s Wireless Mode

The About My System screen shows all the Sonos products in your household and the Wireless Mode (WM) that they are in. Look for the row under each product that says WM.

Wireless mode


WM: 0

This product is in a wired setup.

WM: 1

This product is in a wireless setup.

WM: 2

This product is bonded as a surround speaker or Sub to a Sonos home theater speaker in a wireless setup.

WM: 3

This product is acting as a surround speaker for a Sonos home theater speaker. The product does not support connecting to the dedicated Sonos wireless network created in a wired setup.

Portable Sonos products will always be in a wireless setup (WM: 1) even if your other products are in a wired setup.

Still need help?

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