HDMI error in the Sonos app

This article covers what to do when you see one of the following errors in the Sonos app:

  • There is a device interfering with the HDMI connection
  • CEC broadcast blocked. There is a device connected to your TV causing an issue.

These errors appear when your Sonos home theater product is having trouble sending commands over its HDMI ARC connection. This is usually caused by interference from another HDMI device connected to the TV, like an audio receiver, cable box, or game console.

To resolve these errors, follow the steps below.


Make sure CEC settings are enabled on your TV

Go to your TV’s settings and make sure CEC-related settings are turned on. If CEC settings are disabled, your Sonos home theater product won’t be able to send commands to the TV. Check with the TV’s manufacturer for specific instructions on how to enable CEC functions.

If you still see an error after enabling CEC settings, continue to the next step to identify the HDMI device that may be causing it.


Find the problematic HDMI device

Start by disconnecting all the HDMI devices that are connected to the same TV as Sonos. Play some TV audio to Sonos while the other HDMI devices are disconnected. One by one, plug each HDMI device back in to the TV and check the Sonos app to see if the error appears. When you find out which HDMI device is causing the problem, continue to the next step.


Disable CEC on the HDMI device

To stop the device from interfering with Sonos, we recommend disabling any CEC functions on the device itself. You can usually find these options in the device’s settings. Check with the device’s manufacturer for specific instructions on how to disable CEC functions.

If you’re unable to disable CEC on the device, we recommend using an HDMI cable or adapter that removes CEC functionality.

Still need help?

Our technicians can help over the phone or with a live chat. You can also ask questions and find answers with other Sonos owners in our Sonos Community.