No audio from a Line-In device connected to Sonos

This article covers what to do if you can’t hear any audio from a device that you’ve plugged in to a Line-In port on a Sonos product.

Check the Line-In cable connection

Make sure your audio cable is firmly connected to both your audio device and the Line-In port on your Sonos product. If the cable is already connected, unplug the cable from both your device and your Sonos product, then reconnect it.

You can use the Sonos app for iOS or Android to check if your Sonos product detects a cable connected to its Line-In port. Go to the Line-In settings for your Sonos product and check for a Connected or Disconnected status.

If the app shows Disconnected even when the cable is connected, try using a different cable. If the app still doesn’t show that Line-In is connected, please contact Sonos support.

Choose Line-In as an audio source in the Sonos app

By default, your Sonos product will not automatically play audio coming through the Line-In port. To listen to Line-In audio, you’ll first need to choose Line-In as an audio source in the Sonos app.

In the Sonos app for iOS or Android, the Line-In source is found in the Your Sources section of the Home screen. In the S1 app, you can find it in the Browse tab.

Once the Sonos app shows that Line-In is playing, your Sonos product will play any audio that comes through the selected Line-In port. You can set Sonos to play Line-In audio automatically by enabling Autoplay in your Line-In settings.

Check the volume levels

Make sure that the volume levels of both your audio device and your Sonos product are set high enough to hear.

If the volume is set to a high level and the audio is still too quiet, you can change the Source Level for the Line-In port in the Line-In settings for your Sonos product.

Turntables and Preamps

Some turntables have a built-in phono preamp and can be connected directly to a Sonos Line-In port. If your turntable does not have a built-in phono preamp, you will need to first connect your turntable to a phono preamp, and then connect the phono preamp to Sonos. Without a preamp, the turntable’s audio may be very quiet when playing through your Sonos products.

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