Sonos home theater product does not output sound

This article covers why your Sonos home theater product may not output audio when your TV is playing from specific sources like a game console or a streaming service.

If your home theater product plays audio but stops or skips unexpectedly, see our article about TV audio stopping or skipping.

Before you start, make sure you’ve set up your Sonos home theater product using the Sonos app before trying to play audio from your TV.

No audio from any source while connected with an optical cable

Check the optical cable

Check to ensure the optical cable is firmly attached at both ends. The optical cable or adapter may have shipped with a dust cap attached to the end. Make sure the cap is removed before connecting the cable to your TV or to your home theater speaker.

Set the TV to output audio over optical

The TV may be set to output audio through its internal speakers. Check your TV’s audio settings to make sure it’s set to output audio through the optical port.

No audio when playing Blu-ray discs

Adjust the audio format

Blu-ray discs commonly use the DTS audio format which is not supported by Sonos S1 systems. Some Blu-ray players and game consoles can transcode DTS into a format that Sonos S1 supports, such as Dolby Digital 5.1. Consult the product manual for your game console or Blu-ray player for specific instructions and settings.

If possible, we recommend updating your Sonos S1 products to the latest version of the Sonos app in order to play content with DTS audio. You can find out if your products are compatible with the latest Sonos app in our compatibility article.

No audio when streaming from a video streaming service

Adjust the device’s audio format

Some streaming service content (such as Netflix or Vudu) is streamed with Dolby Digital Plus surround audio, which is only supported by Sonos Arc and Arc SL. To resolve this, change your device’s audio output to a supported audio format. Check the product manual or contact the manufacturer for specific steps on how to adjust the audio format for that device.

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