Computer could not be found error when using a music library

This error can occur when Sonos is unable to find the computer or device hosting your music library. These steps also apply to an “Unable to connect” error where the error includes the name of the computer or device Sonos is trying to connect with. Below are some common steps you can take to resolve this error.

Make sure your PC, Mac, or NAS drive is powered on

If the computer or NAS drive is powered off or asleep, Sonos will not be able to reach the files in your music library. If your music is being interrupted because your computer is falling asleep, you can adjust its sleep settings to prevent this. On a Windows PC, these settings are located in Settings > System > Power & battery. On macOS, you can find these settings in System Settings> Battery or Energy Saver.

Configure your firewall

If your computer is running security software with a firewall, it may be blocking the ability to share music files with Sonos. See our article on configuring your firewall for more information.

Configure your Mac’s file sharing settings

If you’re using macOS, try disabling File Sharing by going to System Settings > General > Sharing. Disable File Sharing, then try re-adding your music library.

Check your computer’s WiFi connection

If your PC or Mac is hosting your music library and its wireless connection is weak, you may experience audio dropouts or see error messages when trying to add or play your music.

Make sure the computer has a strong WiFi connection or is wired into your home’s network with an Ethernet cable. If the computer is wired in, disable the WiFi connection.

Still need help?

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