Error 1101 when updating Sonos

Error 1101 can appear for a number of reasons and means that your Sonos products can’t reach the Sonos servers to check for updates. Following these steps will resolve the majority of cases where Error 1101 occurs.

Make sure to retry the update after each step. If the error happens again, proceed to the next step.

Reboot your home networking equipment

Reboot each device listed below by unplugging it from power, waiting ten seconds, then plugging it back in.

  • Modem
  • Router
  • Mesh WiFi nodes and access points
  • Network switches (if Sonos is wired to the network)

Reboot all of your Sonos products

Reboot all the Sonos products in your home by unplugging them from power, waiting ten seconds, and reconnecting them to power.

Power off all unsupported network equipment

Power off and remove any unsupported network equipment from your network. A list of unsupported equipment can be found in our system requirements and incompatible hardware articles.

Close and reopen the Sonos app

Close and reopen any Sonos apps you're using. To close the Sonos app:

  • On iOS, swipe up from the bottom, hold, then let go. If your iOS device has a home button, double-tap the home button instead. Swipe up on the Sonos app.
  • On Android, swipe up from the bottom, hold, then let go. Swipe up on the Sonos app.

Toggle WiFi off and on

If you’re using the Sonos app on an iOS or Android device, toggle the device’s WiFi off and then back on. Check to make sure the device has reconnected to the correct WiFi network, then move the device closer to the router to improve the WiFi signal.

Check the Ethernet connection

If you have a Sonos product wired to your router, make sure the Ethernet cable is firmly plugged in to both Sonos and the router. If available, swap the Ethernet cable out for another and use a different port on the router.

Check your router settings

Disable any parental control, access control, or firewall settings that could be blocking the update to your Sonos system. Refer to your router’s manual for information on how to access these settings.

Still need help?

Our technicians can help over the phone or with a live chat. You can also ask questions and find answers with other Sonos owners in our Sonos Community.