Improve your Sonos product’s WiFi connection

When Sonos is connected to your router’s WiFi network, the Sonos app will show the WiFi signal strength of each product within the Settings tab. This article explains the steps you can take to improve the WiFi connection if your product’s signal strength is low.

Finding detailed networking information

In the Sonos app, you can see detailed networking information for each product connected to your router’s WiFi network. Our article on Understanding the Network Details section in the Sonos app will show you how to get to this page and how to read the information presented on it.

Note that the wireless signal strength indicator and network details section will not appear for Sonos products in a wired setup, products being used as home theater surround speakers or subwoofers, or a Sonos Move when in Bluetooth mode.

Improving the WiFi connection

If your Sonos app shows a product with a Weak connection, you can improve it by going through the steps below. You can check both the signal strength indicator and SNR value in the Network Details section to confirm your product’s signal strength is improving.

Check the distance from the product to your WiFi network

Low signal strength can be a result of a product being too far away from the WiFi network. This is common with portable products like Move or Roam being used outdoors. Try moving the product closer to your router or nearest access point and see if the signal improves.

Reduce sources of wireless interference

Congested wireless networks can reduce signal strength to connected products. Check for common sources of wireless interference or obstructions that can reduce the wireless signal.

Consider your router’s location

When possible, position your router in a central location in your home to help provide consistent coverage throughout the entire space. Place your router out in the open, such as on a desk or shelf instead of inside a cabinet or closet, and avoid placing other devices on top of or right next to your router.

Upgrade your router

If you’re having problems with multiple devices in your home, consider if it’s time to upgrade to a router that will provide better coverage. Larger spaces may benefit from a mesh networking system.

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