Low audio from surround speakers when listening to music

This article will help you adjust the audio of your Sonos surround speakers while you’re listening to music.

Find your surround audio settings

To adjust the audio of your surround speakers, you’ll first need to get to the Surround Audio section of the Settings menu in your Sonos app.

Follow the instructions in our Change surround audio settings article to get to the correct settings screen, then adjust the specific settings listed below.

Enable full stereo

By default, your Sonos surround speakers will produce ambient sound when playing from music sources such as Spotify or Apple Music.

In your Surround Audio settings, select Music Playback and choose Full. This will set your surround speakers to produce full-range audio at the same volume as the home theater speaker.

Increase the volume of the surrounds

You can increase the overall volume of the surround speakers when they’re playing music.

In your Surround Audio settings, use the Music Level slider to increase the volume of the surround speakers.

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