Sonos Move and Move 2 water and dust resistance

The Sonos Move and Move 2 are weather-resistant speaker designed for portable outdoor listening. This article provides some information and considerations to make when bringing your Move product outside your home.

Water resistance

Both Move and Move 2 have IP ratings of IP56, meaning they are resistant to water such as splashes, rain, and snow, but they are not waterproof. Neither product can be submerged or exposed to pressurized water such as a shower. Your Move product's touch controls may also be triggered when exposed to large amounts of water (i.e. heavy rain).

Outdoor usage

Move and Move 2 can be brought outside when in use but we recommend storing it indoors with the charging base as it is not rated to withstand long-term outdoor exposure.

Using the charging base

While your Move product is designed for portable outdoor listening, the charging base is not weather resistant and should only be used indoors. To prevent damage, inspect the metal charging contacts on both your Move product and the charging base to ensure they are completely dry and free of dirt and debris before placing your product on the charging base.

Drying your Move or Move 2

We recommend using a dry cloth or towel to dry off your Move product after it gets wet. Once toweled off, let the speaker air-dry to remove any excess water.

Note: Do not use forced hot air (e.g. a hairdryer) to dry Move or Move 2 as this may cause damage to the product’s finish.

Cleaning your Move or Move 2

You may need to clean your Move product after using it outside. Check our guide on cleaning Sonos products to see our recommended cleaning methods.

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