Roam doesn’t charge via USB-C cable

Some USB power adapters don’t have enough power to charge Roam products. Using an underpowered adapter can result in a very slow charging speed or even battery drain when your Roam is plugged in.

To allow your Roam to charge properly, make sure that it’s connected to a USB power adapter that’s giving it enough power. We also recommend using the USB-C cable that’s included with your Roam.

This article applies to Roam, Roam 2, and Roam SL.

Choosing the right adapter

5V/1A (5W) power adapters don’t have enough power to charge Roam. These adapters are common and were usually included with older smartphone models. Most iPhones before the iPhone 11 shipped with a 5W power adapter.

For the fastest charge, we recommend charging Roam with a 5V/2A (10W) or greater USB power adapter. 5V/1.5A (7.5W) chargers are also compatible, but will not charge Roam as quickly.

A 10W power adapter is available in our shop on its own or included with our wireless charger. 10W power adapters are also commonly included with some smartphones and tablets such as the iPad mini.

Other charging methods

Roam can also charge using the Sonos wireless charger or a Qi-certified charger. You can find more information on other charging methods in our Charging Sonos Roam article.

Still need help?

Our technicians can help over the phone or with a live chat. You can also ask questions and find answers with other Sonos owners in our Sonos Community.