Set up Connect:Amp as surround speakers

This article shows you how to set up your Connect:Amp to power rear surround speakers for your Sonos home theater.

Before you start

Wire your Connect:Amp and home theater speaker

Your home theater speaker and Connect:Amp must be wired in one of the following configurations:

  • Both the Sonos home theater speaker and Connect:Amp are wired to the router with an Ethernet cable.

  • The Sonos home theater speaker is wired to the Connect:Amp with an Ethernet cable and another Sonos product is wired to the router.

Set up your Connect:Amp as surrounds

  1. Open the Sonos app for iOS or Android.
  2. Follow the steps in our article on adding surround speakers to set up your Connect:Amp as surrounds.

Note that the Subwoofer and Line-In connections are disabled when Connect:Amp is used as surrounds.

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