Sonos Apps

Sonos App for iOS and Android

The Sonos app for iOS and Android is your primary Sonos app, giving you complete control over your Sonos system. You’ll use this app to set up your Sonos products, change system settings, and control your system overall.

You can download the Sonos app by searching for “Sonos” in your device’s app store or by following the link to our Downloads page below.

An iPhone with the Sonos app open, showing the Home screen
A computer with the Sonos Web app open in a web browser

Sonos Web App

You can use the Sonos Web app to access and control your Sonos system from any supported web browser, even outside your home. The web app provides basic controls for your system, such as starting or stopping audio, grouping products, and choosing content to play.

Other functions, like setting up a product or changing system settings, are not available in the Sonos web app. For full control of your Sonos system, please use the Sonos app for iOS or Android.

Sonos S1 Controller App

The Sonos S1 Controller app is a separate app used to control Sonos systems that contain our earliest products. Some older Sonos products require the use of the S1 Controller app rather than the latest Sonos app for iOS and Android.

You can learn more about the Sonos S1 Controller app in the articles below:

The icon for the Sonos S1 Controller app

Still need help?

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