Set up Amazon Alexa with a voice-enabled Sonos speaker

This article will guide you through setting up Amazon Alexa on your voice-enabled Sonos speaker. Once set up, you can use your voice to play and control music. If you’ve already set up Alexa on Sonos but want to change your Amazon account, see our article about using a different Amazon Alexa account with Sonos.

To find out if Amazon Alexa is available on Sonos in your region, check our article Alexa availability on Sonos.

You can also control Sonos using other Alexa devices like an Amazon Echo. For more information, see our article Setting up Amazon Alexa devices on Sonos.

Before you start

Make sure your voice-enabled Sonos speaker has been set up and that your system is running the latest software version.

Download the Amazon Alexa app to your mobile device. We recommend opening the app and signing in to your Amazon account before you begin.


Get started

Open the Sonos app for iOS or Android and navigate to your voice assistant settings to add Amazon Alexa.

  • Sonos app: Go to the Settings menu and select Manage next to My System. Select Voice Assistants, then choose Add a voice assistant.
  • Sonos S1 Controller app: From the Settings tab, select Services & Voice, then choose Add a Service.

When prompted, select Amazon Alexa from the list, then select the speaker to use with Alexa.


Sign in to your Amazon account

After selecting your speaker, select Sign in to Amazon to be taken to the Amazon login page. Follow the on-screen instructions to enable Amazon on your Sonos speaker.

During setup, you’ll be asked if you want the Alexa chime to be on or off when you say “Alexa.” The chime is turned off by default, but you can change this option at any time. When prompted, select Go to Alexa app.


Ensure that the music services you link in the Alexa app are also added in the Sonos app.


Use Amazon Alexa with your Sonos speaker

Return to the Sonos app and select I’ve set up my music in Alexa. You’re now ready to use Alexa with Sonos.