点播, 有声读物, 电台
流式播放CD质量的音频(最高16位,44.1 kHz)

Deezer offers you over 90 million songs at your fingertips. Stream almost any song you can think of or kick back with an endless selection of playlists, mixes, albums. Deezer is also the only music streaming service with Flow, your personal soundtrack.

Listen in lossless, high fidelity sound with Deezer HiFi and hear your music how it's meant to be heard.


  • Stream your favorite tracks to any room in the house
  • Pick from thousands of playlists or make your own for any mood
  • Get your own Deezer Flow - where old favorites meet new discoveries


  • Deezer Premium+: ad-free, on demand music you can stream anywhere and download to your phone
  • Deezer HiFi: Premium+ with 36 million tracks in high fidelity, 16-bit FLAC quality sound

You can sign up for the service by going to and signing up with your email or Facebook account.

If you sign up for Deezer via Facebook, Deezer will send an email to the email used to register your Facebook account. This email will contain a password allowing you to add your Deezer account to Sonos.