List of voice requests for Sonos Voice Control

This article contains a list of the types of voice requests you can make with Sonos Voice Control. You can start a request by saying “Hey Sonos.”

You can ask Sonos for multiple things at once as well as direct each request to any product in your Sonos system. For some actions, you can make follow-up requests without saying “Hey Sonos” again. Learn more in our article on using Sonos Voice Control.

Note that the examples below are not comprehensive – there are many ways to ask Sonos Voice Control to do a particular action.

Playing music

You can start some music right away by asking Sonos to play music from your supported music services. You can also ask for specific tracks, albums, playlists, and more.


Example requests with "Hey Sonos"

Play music

"Play some music"
"Play something"

Switch the music to something else

"Change the music"
"Play something different"

Play similar music

“Play a station by this artist.”
“Play a playlist by this artist.”
"Play more songs by this artist."

Play a specific song, artist, or album

"Play the song Borderline"
"Play Tame Impala"
"Play the album The Slow Rush"

Play a Sonos Playlist

“Play my Favorite Tracks playlist.”

Play music from a genre or mood

"Play some jazz"
"Play something relaxing"

Play music from a certain era or decade

"Play 80s music"

Play a radio station by name, callsign, or frequency

"Play Sunset Fuzz on Sonos Radio"
"Play KTYD"
"Play 99.9"

Play from a specific music service

"Play Tame Impala on Apple Music"

Play in another room or on a saved group

"Play some jazz in the kitchen"
"Play Tame Impala downstairs"

Product controls

You can ask Sonos to adjust the volume, skip tracks, and pause the music.


Example requests with "Hey Sonos"

Start or stop the music

"Stop the music"

Fast forward or rewind

"Fast forward"
"Go back a bit"
“Skip ahead one minute thirty seconds”
“Go back twenty seconds”

Skip to the next track or go to the previous track

"Next track"
"Play the previous track"
"Go back"

Restart music

"Restart this song"
"Play this song from the beginning"

Adjust the volume

"Volume up"
"Turn it down"
"Set volume to 50%"

Mute and unmute

"Set volume to zero"

Turn playback modes on or off

"Turn shuffle on"
"Repeat this album"

Grouping, ungrouping, and moving music

Group products and Rooms together or move music from one place to another.


Example requests with "Hey Sonos"

Group and ungroup products or Rooms

"Group the kitchen and living room"
“Group all of my downstairs speakers”
“Group everywhere”
“Ungroup all of my rooms”

Add or remove products or Rooms from a group

“Add this room to the group”
“Add the kitchen and the dining room to the living room group”
“Remove the office from the group”
“Play here too”

Move the music from one place to another

“Move the music from the living room to the kitchen”
“Move the music upstairs”
“Stop the music in the office and play it in the backyard”

Manage your library

Some music services allow you to like tracks, save them to playlists, or add them to your library with a voice request.


Example requests with "Hey Sonos"

Like or unlike tracks

"Like this track"
"I don't like this track"

Add or remove tracks from your library

“Add this track to my library”
“Save this album”
“Remove this song from my collection”

Add a track to a playlist

“Add this song to my morning playlist"

Home Theater

You can control some functions that are specific to your Sonos home theater products using Sonos Voice Control.


Example requests with "Hey Sonos"

Turn your TV on or off1

"Turn the TV on"
"Turn off the TV in the living room"

Toggle Night Sound or Speech Enhancement

“Turn on Night Sound”
"Turn Speech Enhancement off"

Play TV audio

“Switch to TV mode"
"Go back to TV audio"

1 Requires your Sonos home theater product to be connected to your TV with HDMI-ARC

Get information

Ask Sonos for some basic information about your products or your music.


Example requests with "Hey Sonos"

Ask what's playing

"What song is this?"
"What's playing?"

Get the volume level

"What's the current volume?"
"How loud is it in the living room?"

Check the battery level on portable Sonos products

“What's the battery level?”
"How much battery is left on Roam?"

Ask for the time

"What time is it?"

Set timers

You can set basic timers and sleep timers with Sonos Voice Control.


Example requests with "Hey Sonos"

Set, change, or cancel a timer

“Set a timer for 15 minutes”
“Add two minutes to the timer”
“Cancel the timer”

Set a sleep timer

“Set a sleep timer for 30 minutes”
“Turn off the music after an hour”
“Add 10 minutes to my sleep timer”

Weather information

Sonos Voice Control can provide info on current weather conditions, hourly and daily forecasts, precipitation information, and more.

You can set a default location for Sonos Voice Control’s weather info using the Sonos app.


Example requests with "Hey Sonos"

Ask for current weather conditions

“What’s the weather right now?”
“What’s the current temperature?”
“Do I need an umbrella?”

Get today’s forecast

“What’s the weather like today?”
“What’s the forecast for this afternoon?”
“What will the weather be like at 7PM?”

Get daily or weekly forecasts

“What’s the weather like on Friday?”
“Give me the weekly forecast.”

Ask for future weather conditions

“Is it going to rain tomorrow?”
“Will it snow this weekend?”
“Will I need gloves tomorrow?”

Get air quality information

“What’s the air quality today?”

Find out when the sun will rise or set

“When does the sun set today?”
“What time is sunrise on Monday?”

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