Tune your Sonos speakers with Trueplay

Trueplay measures how sound reflects off walls, furnishings and other surfaces in a room, then fine tunes your Sonos speaker to make sure it sounds great no matter where you've placed it.

This article covers how to go through the Trueplay tuning process with an iOS device, which is supported by most Sonos products. Some Sonos products have different or additional Trueplay options:

For more information on what Sonos products and iOS devices support Trueplay, see our article on devices and products that are compatible with Trueplay.

Tune your speakers using the Sonos app

Completing Trueplay tuning for a room takes approximately 3 minutes from start to finish. Make sure you’re on the latest software version before following the steps below.

  1. Go to the Settings menu.
    1. If using the S1 Controller app, go to the Settings tab and select System.
  2. Under My System, select the speaker you wish to tune.
  3. Under Sound, select Trueplay, then Trueplay Tuning.
  4. Follow the instructions to tune your speaker.

During the Trueplay tuning process, you will be prompted to grant Sonos permission to use the microphone on your iOS device. Trueplay tuning is the only time Sonos will use audio collected by your device’s microphone.

Once you’ve finished tuning your Sonos speaker, the Trueplay tuning adjustments can be toggled on and off from this same menu.

Tips to ensure a good tuning

Minimize noise: Do your best to minimize noise during the tuning process. Sounds such as talking, footsteps, and loud appliances may cause problems while your speaker is being tuned.

Cover as much area as possible: Do your best to cover as much of the room as you can while tuning your Sonos speaker. The app will show you a video on how to make smooth movements with your device from head to waist as you move around during tuning. If you are tuning a speaker in a small room, use any remaining time after covering the room to focus on the areas where you listen to Sonos the most.

Don’t adjust the volume: The sound emitted by your Sonos speaker during tuning is fairly loud, but don’t adjust the volume while the sound is playing as this will negatively impact your tuning. If you need to abort the tuning process, you can press the Play/Pause button on your Sonos speaker or tap the X that appears in the app during tuning.

Additional details

  • After you tune your speaker, you can make further adjustments by changing your EQ settings. These settings are applied on top of the adjustments already made by Trueplay tuning.
  • If you move your Sonos speaker to a new location or change its configuration (like making or separating a stereo pair), you should go through the Trueplay tuning process again to update its settings.

Still need help?

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