Audio and Playback Issues

A Sonos One on a nightstand next to a bed

Music service audio

When you're playing music from a streaming service, factors like your internet connection or the Wi-Fi connection to your Sonos products can cause audio to stop or skip. Learn how to fix audio issues while playing from a music service.

TV audio

Audio format issues or poor cable connections can sometimes lead to audio interruptions while watching TV. Learn more to get help fixing TV audio stops or skips.

A person's hand touching the Play/Pause button on Sonos Beam
A Sonos Roam resting on a table next to a person's hand picking up a Sonos Move

Bluetooth audio

The distance between your Bluetooth device and Sonos is often the cause for audio stops or skips when playing audio to Sonos Move or Roam over Bluetooth. Learn more about the causes of Bluetooth audio issues and how to prevent them.

Music library audio

Playing music from your music library on Sonos can be affected by the Wi-Fi connection to your Sonos products or the device hosting your library. Get help if audio is skipping or stopping while playing from a music library you've added to Sonos.

A Sonos One next to laptop with the Sonos desktop app open
A Sonos Five sitting next to a turntable

Line-In audio

When connecting a Line-In device to Sonos, physical cable connections and Line-In settings in the Sonos app can sometimes prevent audio from playing. Learn how to fix issues with a Line-In device that is not outputting audio on Sonos.

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