Connection Issues

Unable to connect to Sonos

The "Unable to connect to Sonos" message means that the Sonos app has trouble connecting to your Sonos products. Sonos products disconnected from power or your mobile device being connected to the wrong Wi-Fi network are some common causes. Learn more about what else can cause this error message and how to fix it.

The "Unable to connect to Sonos" error message in the Sonos app
The "Update your network settings" message in the Sonos app

Connect Sonos to a new router or Wi-Fi network

If you’ve replaced your router or changed your Wi-Fi network name or password, the Sonos app will lose its connection with your Sonos products. Get help with updating the network information on your Sonos system in order to get reconnected.

Room shows a “not connected” status

Sonos products can show a “not connected” status if they’re powered off or disconnected from Wi-Fi. Learn how to reconnect them using the Sonos app and find out how to prevent them from disconnecting in the future.

The "Product not found" error messages from both the Sonos S1 and S2 apps

Product not found during setup

As part of the setup process, the Sonos app will try to discover the product you are trying to set up. If the app is unable to find the product, you will see one of the messages shown here. Learn what to do if the Sonos app is unable to find the products you are setting up.

Unable to pair a Bluetooth device with Sonos

Sonos Move and Roam are able to connect to devices via Bluetooth. You may experience issues if your Sonos product is not in Bluetooth mode or if your Sonos product is too far away from your Bluetooth device. Learn what to do if you’re unable to connect your Bluetooth device to your Sonos Move or Roam.

An illustration of the Bluetooth signal connection between the Sonos app and the Sonos Roam

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