Control Sonos with Sonos Voice Control

With Sonos Voice Control added to a voice-enabled Sonos product, you can use voice requests to control any Sonos product in your system. This article covers how to use Sonos Voice Control and the types of requests that will work with your Sonos products.

Sonos Voice Control is available in US-English and French.

Making a request with “Hey Sonos”

You can use Sonos Voice Control at any time by saying the wake words “Hey Sonos.” While Sonos is listening, the white status light on your Sonos product will glow brighter and the volume will lower if any audio is playing. A confirmation tone will play after Sonos understands your request.

Types of requests

Sonos Voice Control can act on a variety of requests from music control to library management. You can ask Sonos to play a specific track, artist, or album, as well as adjust the volume, pause music, or skip tracks. You can also group and ungroup rooms with a voice request, or move music from one room to another.

You can find a full list of the requests you can make in our list of Sonos Voice Control requests.

Choosing rooms

If you want to ask Sonos to do something with multiple products at once, your request can include as many product names, Room names, or saved group names as you like.

Example requests

  • Turn up the volume in the living room and the office
  • Stop the music downstairs
  • Play music everywhere

Follow-up requests

With some voice requests, you can make additional requests for a few seconds afterwards without saying “Hey Sonos” again. For example, when asking Sonos to play the next track, you can continue skipping tracks by repeating “Next.” You can also keep increasing or decreasing the volume.

Example requests

  • Play some music. Louder.
  • Skip this track. Again. Volume up.
  • Fast forward. More.

Additional details

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