Known limitations with separate S1 and S2 Sonos systems

It is possible to split a Sonos system that contains a mix of devices that are compatible with S2 and devices that are not compatible with S2 into separate systems: an S1 system that uses the Sonos S1 Controller app, and an S2 system that uses the new Sonos S2 app. This article covers some known limitations to consider when using split Sonos S1 and S2 systems.

System control
To use split S1 and S2 systems, you’ll need both Sonos apps installed. The two apps don’t need to be installed on the same device, but they can be. To learn more about the differences between the two apps, see our article on the S2 app overview.

Grouping rooms
When separated, S1 system rooms can only be grouped with other S1 system rooms. The same applies to S2 Sonos systems as well. Grouping S1 system rooms with S2 system rooms is not possible when S1 and S2 devices have been split.

Music services

Stream limitations
For music services with single stream limitations, like Spotify, playback can only be initiated on one system at a time using the same music service. For example, if you begin playing Spotify on your S2 system, playing from the same Spotify account on your S1 system will stop playback on your S2 system.

Music from the same service can be played to both Sonos systems if you add separate accounts to each one. For some services, this includes different users under one account, like a family plan.

Direct control
Services that support direct control will show all S1 and S2 system rooms in their respective apps. For services with single stream limitations, playback can only be initiated to one system or room at a time.

Voice services

Using the same voice service on both an S1 system and an S2 system requires two separate voice service accounts, one for the S1 system and another for the S2 system. However, this is not recommended as you will experience issues with both systems responding to commands simultaneously.

It is possible to use a different voice assistant on each system. For example, you can use Google Assistant on one system, and Amazon Alexa on another without the need for additional voice service accounts.

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