Sonos products that support Sub Mini

Sub Mini can be paired with most amplified Sonos products running S2 software. However, Sub Mini cannot be paired with unamplified or portable products including Connect, Port, Move, Roam, and Roam SL.

List of products that support Sub Mini


  • Five
  • One (Gen 1)
  • One (Gen 2)
  • One SL
  • Play:1
  • Play:3
  • Play:5 (Gen 2)

Home Theater

  • Arc
  • Arc SL
  • Beam (Gen 1)
  • Beam (Gen 2)
  • Playbar
  • Playbase
  • Ray


  • Amp
  • Connect:Amp (Gen 2)


  • SYMFONISK Picture frame with Wi-Fi speaker
  • SYMFONISK table lamp with WiFi speaker
  • SYMFONISK Speaker lamp base with WiFi
  • SYMFONISK WiFi bookshelf speaker (Gen 1)
  • SYMFONISK WiFi bookshelf speaker (Gen 2)

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