Remove duplicate Imported Playlists from the music library

If you see duplicate playlist listings in your Imported Playlists, it means Sonos has found multiple files containing the same playlist in your shared music folder.

Remove outdated playlist files from the shared music folder

Duplicate imported playlists are usually the result of multiple playlist files that have been indexed by Sonos across one or more Music Library shares. For example, if you’ve shared a music folder that has your current iTunes library as well as a backup of the library, Sonos may be finding two playlist files and indexing both of them. For Apple’s music apps, these playlists are stored in an XML file commonly called "iTunes Music Library.xml" or “iTunes Library.xml.”

If you find multiple playlist or iTunes Music Library XML files, check the last modified date of each playlist file and remove all duplicate files except the one that has been most recently updated. Once removed, update your music library index.

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