Error 30 when updating Sonos

Error 30 occurs when one of your Sonos products tries to download the update file but is unsuccessful. If you see Error 30, the Sonos app will also show you the name of the Sonos product that is having trouble downloading the update.

  1. Retry the update at least one more time.

  1. Find the Sonos product that was named in the error message and move it closer to your router, then try the update again.

  1. If the update still doesn't work, connect the Sonos products to your router using an Ethernet cable and retry the update in the Sonos app. If the update is successful, unplug the product from your router and return it to its original location.

Error 30 can also appear if you use the Sonos S1 app to try and update a Sonos system with products running both S1 and S2 software. The S2 products will show as “Incompatible” in the Rooms tab of the Sonos app. In this case, the products running the S1 software need to be reset to their factory settings and set up as a separate S1 Sonos system.

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