Set up separate S1 and S2 Sonos systems

The new Sonos S2 app and operating system is compatible with all Sonos products manufactured after 2015. However, some of our oldest products don’t support S2 due to their memory and processing power.

If you’d like to update to the new S2 app but continue to use your S1 Sonos products, you can split your Sonos system into two separate systems and control them both using two apps. The new Sonos S2 app will control your S2 products and the Sonos S1 Controller app will control your S1 products. Most people will not need to do this.

You can find out which Sonos products are compatible with S2 in our Sonos S2 compatibility article.

What to know before you split your system

What are the known limitations of running a split system?

Each Sonos system is separate from the other and controlled with a different app on your phone. Because of this, it’s not possible to group a product running S2 and a product running S1 together to play the same music. You will not see products running S1 in the S2 app, and vice versa.

There are also considerations regarding voice assistants, direct control, and music services with stream limitations. You can read more in our article about known limitations of separate S1 and S2 systems.

Is this process reversible?

Yes. It’s possible to downgrade cross-compatible products from S2 to S1 by going through the downgrade process in the S2 app.

Products that are only compatible with S2 cannot be downgraded to S1. See our article on Sonos S2 compatibility for a list of these products. Note that all settings and preferences, including Sonos Playlists, will be lost when downgrading a product from S2 to S1.

Why would I split my S1 and S2 products into separate systems?

Some Sonos products require the S2 app.

If you want to add one of these products, or want to update your app to S2 while continuing to use your older products, you have the option of creating a split system.

How to split Sonos products into two separate S1 and S2 systems

The Sonos S1 Controller app will help you remove your S1 products before updating to S2. The S1 products will be reset and can then be set up again as a separate system.


First, remove your incompatible Sonos products using the Product Removal Tool in the S1 Controller app. You can find instructions on how to do this in our article about removing Sonos products that are not compatible with S2.


Once the S1 products have been removed, you can follow the directions in our article on setting up a separate S1 system.


Use the S1 app to control your separate S1 system and use the S2 app to control your S2 products.

Do you have any suggestions on how to use a split S1 system?

We suggest using the S1 products in spaces that aren’t commonly grouped with the rest of your system, like a garage. In a family household, separating S1 products into their own system can also give Sonos control to kids or family members without providing access to the rest of the Sonos products on S2.

Still need help?

Our technicians can help over the phone or with a live chat. You can also ask questions and find answers with other Sonos owners in our Sonos Community.