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Suoratoista korkearesoluutioista ääntä (jopa 24 bittiä, 48 kHz)
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Kuwo Music is one of the biggest music platforms in China, We are committed to providing users with the best one-stop digital entertainment services. Kuwo daily active users exceed 4500w. Kuwo music has a rich and diverse music content, with more than 30 million tracks licensed, and has cooperated with music labels such as Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, Emperor Entertainment Group, and China Record Group Co., Ltd. With the product concept and continuous innovation ability centered on user experience, Kuwo Music has formed: Kuwo Music (mobile version), Kuwo Music (client), Kuwo Music (vehicle terminal), K song, Chang Listen to the family of other online services. At the same time, Kuwo Music covers PC, webpage; APP, HRML5, WindowsPhone; PAD; Internet TV, audio, vehicle and other application platforms.


  • Personal collection synchronization: By adding an account, you can synchronize the songs/playlists list collected by this account.
  • Search: You can search for the artist, song, playlist or album.
  • Program Radio: Music radio provided according to various categories. There is no need to select songs. You only need to select a theme to automatically play similar songs, such as sad, Japanese, lonely, sweet, happy, etc.
  • Popular song rankings: Various rankings for users to browse and play, such as Chinese charts, Japanese and Korean charts, Hong Kong new city charts, etc.
  • Other functions: lyrics function, quality switching, etc.

Tuetut tilaukset

  • Free users: can only listen to a small amount of music
  • Paid subscribers: able to listen to all music, plus unlocked lossless, hi-res quality


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