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Suoratoisto, radio
Suoraohjaus käytettävissä
Suoratoista CD-tasoista ääntä

TIDAL is the perfect match for Sonos, streaming music in lossless, high fidelity audio quality, ensuring the best sound experience possible. Add high definition music videos, curated editorial by music journalists, artists and experts, audio search, offline mode and much more and you simply have a superior solution to your music listening needs. More than 80 million tracks and 350,000 videos available. Enjoy.


Discover new and old favorites with news, recommendations, curated playlists, moods and genres. All with High Fidelity Streaming. Create and edit your own playlists. Take your music collection with you everywhere with My Music, it's as easy as putting a star to all your favorite artists, albums, tracks or playlists.

  • Editorial Curation
  • High Fidelity Streaming
  • My Music Collection


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