Disable your television speakers

This article provides general steps to disable your television speakers. We recommend disabling your television’s built-in speakers while using a Sonos home theater speaker for the optimal sound experience.

  1. Open the Settings menu for your TV.
  2. Open the Sound or Audio menu, and look for a setting that controls the TV speakers.
  3. Choose Off or Use external audio system to disable the TV’s built-in speakers.
    • If this option isn’t available, change the TV’s audio output to External Speaker or Audio System.

If you’re unable to find these settings, consult your TV’s manual or manufacturer for specific steps.

Some TV models may not include a setting to disable the built-in speakers. If this is the case, lower the TV’s volume to zero without using the Mute button. Use only the Sonos app or home theater speaker’s volume buttons to change the volume level. You can also program another remote that is not paired with your TV.

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