Switch between New Search and Classic Search in the Sonos app

  • È necessario un dispositivo mobile
  • È necessario Sonos S2

You can switch between our New Search and Classic Search functions depending on which version works best for you.

In the Sonos app, navigate to the Search tab. Under the search bar, you’ll see a button that either reads Try the New Search or Switch to Classic Search. Press this button to choose which search experience you’d like to use. You can toggle between these two search functions at any time.

Note that this button will disappear when you start typing something into the search bar. To bring it back, simply erase the contents of the search bar.

Don't see the New Search button?

The New Search feature is being rolled out to all users over the coming weeks. If you don’t currently see the New Search or Classic Search option, it’ll be available in your Sonos app soon.

Library limitations with New Search

If you regularly use Sonos to listen to music from your local Music Library, we recommend using Classic Search. The New Search function will not show search results from your Music Library (or from your local library stored on an Android device).

On Android, the New Search function will not show results for uploaded library tracks from Apple Music, Amazon Music, and YouTube Music. However, you’ll still see results for non-library streaming tracks from these services.

Unsupported music services

Some music services are not currently supported by our app’s New Search. If you regularly search one of the services below using the Sonos app, we recommend using Classic Search.

  • Absolute Radio
  • AccuRadio
  • Community Radio Plus
  • Global Player
  • Hit Network
  • Kiss
  • My Cloud Home
  • Planet Radio
  • RadioPlay
  • Rova
  • SiriusXM
  • SiriusXM Canada
  • Stingray Music
  • Triple M

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