Transfer your Sonos system to a new account

This article will show you how to transfer your Sonos system to a new account. You may need to do this if you created a new Sonos account or are using pre-owned products that are still registered to the original account.

  1. Open the Sonos app for iOS or Android.
  2. Go to the Settings menu and select Manage next to your system.
    1. If using the Sonos S1 Controller app, go to the Settings tab and select System.
  3. Select Transfer System Ownership and follow the prompts.

Transferring without access to a Sonos account

Transferring system ownership requires your Sonos app to be signed in to your Sonos account. If you are unable to sign in to your Sonos account in the app, you’ll need to reset your Sonos products to factory settings and set them up as a new system. This will erase your Sonos system’s current information and settings.

You can create a new account or sign into a different account when going through the new system setup process.

  1. Reset each Sonos product to its factory settings.
  2. Reset your Sonos app.
  3. Close and re-open the Sonos app and choose Set up a new system.
  4. Create a new account or sign into a different account, then add each of your Sonos products to the new system.

Additional details

  • If you subscribe to Sonos Radio HD, you will also need to transfer your subscription by canceling your Sonos Radio HD subscription on your old account, then resubscribing using your new account. See our article on managing your Sonos Radio HD subscription for information on how to cancel a subscription.
  • If you have any voice services connected to your Sonos system, you’ll need to remove and re-add the service to Sonos after the transfer is complete.

Still need help?

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