TV remote requirements for Sonos home theater products

This article provides requirements for TV remotes that can be used to control your Sonos home theater products and information about setting up some common remotes that require additional configuration.

Sonos products that connect via HDMI-ARC

Sonos products that connect to your TV using HDMI-ARC are compatible with both IR and RF remotes. Make sure your TV has CEC enabled and your Sonos home theater product is connected to the HDMI-ARC port on your TV. See our TV requirements for more information on what HDMI connections are required for Sonos.

Sonos products that connect via optical

Sonos products that connect to your TV using an optical cable or an optical audio adapter are only compatible with infrared (IR) remotes. If your remote only uses Bluetooth or radio frequency (RF), it may require additional configuration or may not work with Sonos products connected via optical. See our article on identifying IR remotes if you’re not sure what type of remote you have.

Below are some common remotes that don’t output IR by default and require additional setup to work with Sonos products connected via optical:

Apple TV
Samsung One
Samsung F Series
LG Magic Remote

Some remotes that come with cable or satellite boxes may show pop-ups on the screen when you change the volume. If you experience this issue you will need to program the remote's volume buttons to control Sonos as a separate audio device, while allowing the rest of the remote to control your TV and cable box. Refer to your remote or TV’s manual and manufacturer for help.

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