Use a third-party subwoofer with Amp or Connect:Amp

Sonos Amp and Connect:Amp each have an RCA subwoofer output for connecting a third-party subwoofer. The Amp’s subwoofer output has an adjustable 50-110Hz crossover range. The Connect:Amp’s subwoofer output has a crossover of 80Hz and is not adjustable.

Connect your subwoofer

Using an RCA cable, connect your subwoofer to the designated output on your Sonos product. The output is labeled SUB on an Amp and subwoofer out on a Connect:Amp.

Your Amp or Connect:Amp will automatically detect that a subwoofer is connected when the RCA cable is plugged in.

Note that subwoofer output is disabled when your Amp or Connect:Amp is used to power TV surround speakers.

Adjust Amp’s subwoofer output settings

You can adjust the subwoofer output’s settings using the Sonos app. This feature is only available on Sonos Amp. Follow the steps below to access settings such as the subwoofer’s output level and the crossover frequency.

  1. Go to the Settings menu.
    1. If using the Sonos S1 Controller app, go to the Settings tab and select System.
  2. Choose the Amp with the connected subwoofer.
  3. Under Sound, select Sub Audio.

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