Change your router’s wireless channel

This article will show you how to change the 2.4GHz wireless channel on your router. The steps below are applicable for the most common router models, but we recommend you refer to your router’s owner manual for specific instructions.

We only recommend changing your router’s wireless channel when your Sonos system is in a wired setup. If your Sonos system is in a wireless setup and connects directly to your router’s WiFi network, we recommend leaving your router’s channel setting on “Auto.”

On a Mac, PC, or mobile device

  1. Log into the router’s configuration page by entering its IP address into a web browser or by loading the software that came with the router. You can typically find the IP address and login information printed on the router itself. This can only be done when you’re connected to the router’s network through WiFi or an Ethernet cable.

  2. Find the wireless settings page and change the wireless channel for the 2.4GHz network. We recommend using channels 1, 6, or 11.
    1. If your Sonos system is in a wired setup, also check your Sonos system’s wireless channel to make sure it’s not on the same wireless channel as your router.

  3. Save the settings. Your router may restart while the settings are being saved.

Changing the wireless channel is a troubleshooting step in reducing wireless interference. If you’re changing the wireless channel to solve a problem, try using your router on each of the three recommended channels to find which one performs best.

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