Other devices found on network error when removing products

This article will help resolve Other devices found on network error when using the product removal tool. This error occurs when Sonos detects multiple devices connected, via Ethernet, to a Sonos product you are removing from the system. These devices are relying on this Sonos product for their network connection and removing it from the system will disconnect those other devices from your network.

1) Identify devices using Sonos for their network connection

Look for other devices that are wired to one of the Sonos products you are removing from your system. This may include multiple Sonos products wired to one another in a daisy-chain configuration, or a third-party device (e.g. TV, computer, gaming console) wired to one of your Sonos products.

2) Reconnect those devices to your network

Disconnect these devices from the Sonos product you identified earlier and reconnect them to your network without using a Sonos product to do so. Common alternatives are:

  • An Ethernet switch
  • Directly to your router
  • Wirelessly (via WiFi)

Tap Continue once these devices have been disconnected from your Sonos product and reconnected to your network. It is possible to continue without adjusting the configuration of your system but you may experience connectivity issues after removing these products from your system.

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