Set up an Amazon Alexa device to control Sonos

This article will help you set up an Amazon Alexa device, like an Echo or Echo Dot, to control Sonos. You can also add Amazon Alexa directly to your voice-enabled Sonos speaker. See our article on setting up Amazon Alexa with a voice-enabled Sonos speaker to learn how.

Before you start


Enable the Sonos skill

You can enable the Sonos skill in the Amazon Alexa app for iOS or Android. Search for “Sonos” in the Skills & Games section. The Alexa app will ask you for your Sonos account information and go through a device discovery process to find your Sonos products.


Use Amazon Alexa with Sonos

After Alexa is set up, try some commands to play music on Sonos to make sure it’s working properly. You can also set up some Alexa Groups for a more seamless experience.

If you’re having trouble using Amazon Alexa with Sonos, check our troubleshooting article for some help.

Supported music services

You can see which music services are available on Alexa in the Alexa app under Settings > Music & Podcasts. Select the Link New Service button to see the list of available services. Once a service is added, you can select a default service by selecting Default Services.

You can still use Alexa to control playback on Sonos when playing from any service, even if it’s not directly supported by Alexa.

Still need help?

Our technicians can help over the phone or with a live chat. You can also ask questions and find answers with other Sonos owners in our Sonos Community.