Undesired sound after Trueplay tuning

There are some scenarios where Trueplay tuning may result in an undesired change to the sound of your Sonos speaker. This article provides some reasons why this can happen, and some steps to adjust the sound of your speaker after tuning it with Trueplay.

Retune your speaker

Before retuning, consider the following tips to ensure that Trueplay yields the best sound for your speaker:

  • Reduce background noise: Refrain from talking and be conscious of making loud noises while walking around the room during the tuning process. If possible, temporarily shut off appliances like fans and air-conditioners that produce background noise.
  • Cover as much area as possible: During the tuning process, make sure to cover as much of the room as possible. If you are in a smaller room, focus on the areas where you listen the most.
  • Moving your iOS device: While holding your iOS device, make smooth movements from head to waist and avoid moving your device too fast.
  • Do not adjust the volume on your Sonos speakers: The sound emitted by your speakers during the tuning process is fairly loud. Do not adjust the volume of your Sonos speakers while tuning as this will negatively affect the result of Trueplay. You can stop the tuning process at any time by tapping the X at the bottom of the screen.

Once you’ve considered the tips above, follow our article on retuning your Sonos speaker with Trueplay.

Fine-tune the sound using the EQ

The room and placement of your speaker, in combination with Trueplay tuning, may have boosted or cut frequencies that you prefer. After completing the tuning process you can fine-tune the sound of your Sonos speaker using the EQ in the Sonos app.

Turn Trueplay off

If you prefer the way your Sonos speaker sounded before tuning with Trueplay, or would like to compare the sound with and without Trueplay, see our article on turning off Trueplay.

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