Line-In audio stops or skips when Sonos rooms are grouped

This article provides common fixes for audio interruptions that occur while playing Line-In audio to groups of Sonos products.

1. Adjust Line-In audio compression

Using the Sonos app for iOS or Android, go to the Settings tab and choose System > Audio Compression. Select Compressed and then test audio playback. We recommend using Compressed when streaming line-in to multiple rooms wirelessly.

2. Reduce wireless interference

Wireless interference can contribute to issues like audio stopping and skipping on Sonos.

If the issue persists or you’d like to continue using uncompressed audio, you can visit our article on reducing wireless interference to learn how to avoid wireless interference by changing wireless channels and moving Sonos away from certain electronic devices.

3. Adjust the audio delay

The audio delay setting introduces a delay between your line-in source and Sonos. This reduces the chance of audio issues occurring when your Sonos products are playing line-in audio in a group.

Using the Sonos app for iOS or Android, go to the Settings tab and press System. Choose your product that’s using line-in. In the Line-In section, tap Audio Delay and then choose a delay option.

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