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With a free global Stitcher account, you can get all of your favorite radio programs and podcasts delivered to you on-demand. Choose from the latest in news, sports, talk, entertainment and more from the media industry’s premier content providers including NPR, CNN, Fox, BBC, Adam Carolla, Rush and more. Then personalize your experience by “stitching” together your favorite shows to create your own playlist or allowing Stitcher to recommend new shows based upon your listening preferences.


Sonos customers using Stitcher will enjoy the following features and benefits:

On-Demand Streaming: Thousands of shows at your fingertips without syncing or wires

Browse: Topics or Sources stations to hear shows about your favorite interests - like News, Sports, Politics or Entertainment – or from the top sources, like WSJ, CNN, Fox and more.

Search: for any personality, show or topic and see all the relevant podcasts.
Build a customized Favorites: station to hear exactly you want. Then take those with you on-the-go with Stitcher’s mobile apps.

Get Personalized Recommendations: Stitcher recommends other relevant content based on your listening preferences for discovery of new shows.


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